CAPTCHA Protects your Relevant Tools Web Forms from SPAM

NOTE: Relevant Tools now supports Google reCAPTCHA v2. This tutorial will be updated.

There are spambots roaming the internet that target helpless forms and submit repeatedly to these forms with garbage information. One defense against spambots is to use a CAPTCHA which are randomly generated fuzzy characters. The person completing the form must type in the matching characters to prove that they are human and not a computer. Each time the form is displayed the fuzzy characters are different.

CAPTCHA example

It is easy to setup CAPTCHA with Relevant Tools web forms. In the forms setup area all you need to do is click the CAPTCHA option and the form code will automatically be generated for your form.

how to setup a CAPTCAH

By default the CAPTCHA will be placed as the last item in the form just before the submit button. You can move the code to a different location in your form if so desired. Let us know if you need help doing this.

You can also control the number of characters used and the size of the box used for the characters. To do this you need to add some parameters to the generated code. By default there are 6 CAPTCHA characters with each character being 35 pixels wide and 40 pixels high. If for example you want to use 8 characters that are 20 pixels wide and 30 pixels high you would add c=8&w=20&h=30 so that the code looked like this:

<img src="//form.relevanttools.com/eis-cgi-bin/tch?c=8&w=20&h=30">

Using the default setup will enable you to use CAPTCHA to protect your forms without worrying about any of the technical details. If you need to change how it looks and need help, just let us know.