Combine Databases - Advanced Feature

There are several good reasons to have multiple databases defined but, there may come a time when you will want to temporarily combine two or more databases. For example, you might want to send the same messages to two different databases and instead of risking sending two messages to the same contact you can combine the databases and let Relevant Tools take care of the posible duplication of email address.

To begin the process of combining databases, click on DATABASES, at the top of the screen, select the first database, in the Database Selection section and finally, click on the SELECT DATABASE button. Then, either click on the DISPLAY button to display entire database or preform a keyword or an advanced search to select the portion of the database you would like to display. For information in preforming a database search, please see the tutorial titled Target your List with Advanced Database Search.

Next, be sure to make note of how many records are selected and click on "set", in the list area on the right–hand side top of the screen, as shown below.

Combine Databases - first database

Next, click on DATABASES, at the top of the screen, to return to the main database screen, select your next database in the Database Selection section and click on the SELECT DATABASE button, at the bottom of the screen, shown below.

Combine Databases - select next database

Click on the DISPLAY button, shown above, to display the second database. Again, make note of how many records are displayed, shown below. This number is the number of the records that are going to be combined with the first database results.

Combine Databases - add database

Click on the “add“ link, shown below, on the right–hand side top of the screen. Once the "add" link is clicked on the combined database list will be displayed on the screen. Notice that the number in the list will be the combined number of records from both of the selected databases, shown below.

Combine Databases - add database

You can now use email to list, shown below, to send a mailing to your combined databases. As always, when you are doing a mailing, make sure to send a test mailing to yourself and confirm that you are mailing to the expected number of records.

Combine Databases - email to list

You can repeat the “add” process for as many different database as desired. You can also use the search function on a single database to select different portions of the same database; for example, selecting multiple zip codes from a single database.