Create Personal Email Messages

Selective use of personalization in email messages can be very effective as it helps to confirm that the information was entered correctly and has been accepted after completing a web form.

Note: Before you begin this process, be sure the database you would like the message to pull the data from is selected, as the current database, in the Database Selection section, on the main Database screen.

There are many ways to create an email message in Relevant Tools and each method has its benefits. However, for this example we will create a plain text personalized message. Plain text emails often have the highest delivery rates and this is especially important for a confirmation email that people receive after completing a web form.

To begin the process of creating a personalized message click on the MESSAGES, at the top of the screen. The Create a Message screen, shown below, should now be displayed.

create a personal email message

Next, click on the CREATE MESSAGE button, shown above, and the Create Message screen, shown below, should now be displayed on your screen.

You can personalize your message using any of the information collected from your web form that is stored in your database. The field names are entered, in the message, beginning with a dollar sign followed by the field name and ending with a dollar sign, as shown below. Clicking on the Special Field Tags link in the Message Options menu on the right–hand side of the Create a Message screen will display the Personalizing Your Email Messages help screens.

create a plain text personalized email message

Don't get carried away with personalization. If you over use information, such as repeating the first name multiple times in the email, your email may be flagged as junk mail. Keep it simple and you will get your message delivered. Finally, always remember to send a test the message to make sure what you are sending is what you intend to send.

One last thing, if you send a test message with a field name variable, the message will be received with the field name surrounded by dollar signs instead of a value from the database. On the other hand, if you send a test mailing Relevant Tools will retreive the value from a random record in the database and load the value into the message.