Display your Database on your Web Page with Relevant Tools Custom Reports

You can display information from your Relevant Tools database on your web site. This can be information that you enter and update yourself or it can be information that is entered by anyone on your website using a standard Relevant Tools web form.

In the interests of local organic food I started a garden this spring. It has been very successful and satisfying. It is so relaxing to water the garden at the end of the day and pick green beans, peas, tomatoes and zucchini for dinner. Since I can’t ship everyone a tomato I am happy to share the results of my garden through a web page that I set up:

Jean’s Garden

I hope you enjoy the pictures. You can use Relevant Tools databases to update your own web site using Relevant Tools Custom Reports feature. There is a one time setup charge starting at $150 but once set up you can use it on as many databases and websites as you would like (some restrictions apply - don’t try launching a new social networking site just yet).

Standard Relevant Tools web forms are used to update your information:

update your information with Relevant Tools web forms

You can edit the information in your database. You can customize the database to use the fields that you need.

edit your database information with Relevant Tools web forms

Enjoy the tomatoes!