Email to List

Sending an email message using a list of contacts from your Relevant Tools database is a simple process to complete. However, before you get started sending your email message you should first create your message using one of the methods described in one of the tutorials in the Email Messages and Mailings section of these tutorials.

To begin the process of sending an email message to a list of contacts from a selected database, click on "DATABASES", at the top of the screen. Next, select the database that contains the list of contacts you would like to send the message to, in the Database Selection section, shown below, and click on the "SELECT DATABASE" button.

email to list database selection

Next, click on the "DISPLAY" button, shown above, to display the database records from the selected database on the screen.

Note: Once the database is displayed on the screen, you can select the complete list of records by simply clicking on the EMAIL TO LIST button or to select a subset of the displayed records, place a check in the checkbox in front of the individual records and either click on the Select Checked Records or Select Non-Checked Records button, at the bottom of the screen.

Now that the records have been selected for the mailing click on the "EMAIL TO LIST" button, shown below, to begin the process of sending the mailing.

click on email to list

Next, either enter a name for the mailing or leave the default mailing name in the Mailing Name text box, shown below, and select the message you would like to use for the mailing using the Select an existing message pulldown menu and click on the "NEXT" button.

select message

The screen below should now be displayed on you screen. The top of this screen is a very informative because it displays the mailing name, message name, the name of the database being used to send the mailing and the number of recipients for the mailing. All of this information can help to confirm that the correct message is being sent using the right database. This screen also allows you to change the database and⁄or view a list of mailing recipients using the Change Database Selection and⁄or receipients links, respectively.

Next, to test the mailing the default account email address can be used, which is automatically entered for you or you can enter an email address in the Send test message to text box. You should always send test mailing to yourself by clicking on the TEST MAILING button, shown below.

test message

Once you receive the test mailing, double check that the message is the correct message and is formatted correctly. If you are happy with the test mailing, either click on the "SEND MAILING NOW" button to send your mailing immediately or the "SCHEDULE MAILING" button to schedule it for a later date and⁄or time.

Note: Any bad email addresses, previous unsubscribes, email addresses that have previously bounced and⁄or duplicate addresses will automatically be removed from the mailing's address list during the mailing.

send mailing

The screen above should now be displayed on your screen. Again, the top section of this screen is a very informative because it displays the mailing name, message name and the number of records selected, which again, can help you to confirm you sent the correct message using the right database. Additionally, this screen gives you more information than the previous screen because, it shows you the number of deselected records and the reason the records were deselected.

Click on the "CHECK MAILING PROGRESS" button to display the results screen and explore the details of the mailing.