How to Send Your Newsletter with Relevant Tools Email Campaign Management

Launching your an email campaign with Relevant Tools is easy. However, you must first create and install your email message using one of the methods described in the Email Messages and Mailings section of this tutorial. After your message has been created and installed you are ready to send it out to your database.

To begin the process of sending an email campaign, click on DATABASES, at the top of the screen. Next, select the database you would like to use for the mailing in the Database Selection section, shown below, and click on the SELECT DATABASE button.

select your database

Now that you have selected the database you would like to use for the mailing it's time to setup the actual mailing. To begin this part of the process, click on MAILINGS, at the top of the screen, and the screen below will be displayed. On this screen you can either leave the default mailing name as it is or enter a mailing name, of your choice, into the Mailing Name text box. The mailing name is the name that will be used for viewing the mailing progress in the Results section and is discussed further down in this tutorial. To continue, select the message you would like to use for the mailing in the "Select an existing message" pull down menu. Finally, click on the SELECT MESSAGE button.

select your message

Now, that the mailing has been named and the message has been selected, the audience needs to be selected for the mailing. Most often you will be sending the mailing to everyone in a specific database; however, you can also select people who signed up during a particular time period or from a certain signup form or you can perform one or more searches on a database to select people by any parameters you wish. To continue, select the audience you would like to use and click on the SELECT LIST button, shown below.

select your audience

The mailing is now set up and ready to go; however, you should ALWAYS TEST before sending or scheduling the actual mailing. To send yourself a test mailing enter your email address in the "Send test message to:" text box and then click on the TEST MAILING button, as shown below.

Note: The default email address displayed in the "Send test message to:" text box is pulled in from the member information; so, if you have a standard email address you would like to use be sure to change it on the member information screen.

test your message

After clicking on the TEST MAILING button the screen below is displayed and on this screen the statistics for the mailing are displayed. This screen shows how many records were selected for the mailing, the number of deselected records due to duplication of the email address, the number of invalid or missing email addresses, the number of email addressses that have unsubscribed from your list and finally, the number of email addresses that have previously have bounced. Verify that the number of records you are expecting to be selected is correct.

test message statistics

You should receive the test mailing in your inbox. Verify that it's indeed the message you want to send. Don't be alarmed if the unsubscribe link, in the footer of the email, does not contain your email address because the system randomly selects an email address from the database to use for the test mailing. You can choose to either send the mailing now or schedule it for later time by clicking on the respective buttons, shown above.

When you schedule a mailing for a later time the screen below is displayed; this screen allows you to set the schedule date and time for the mailing. When you schedule the mailing everything associated with the mailing, the message along with the records selected for the mailing, are copied to the mail server queue and held there until the specified date and time. If you change the message in Relevant Tools or records are added to, changed in, or deleted from your database, the changes will not be reflected in the scheduled mailing unless you delete and resubmit the mailing.

schedule a mailing

On the other hand, when you send the mailing now, the screen below is displayed and the mailing is immediately submitted to the mail queue and depending on how many other mailings are already in the mail queue, it may start sending immediately.

send out a mailing immediately

You can track the progress of the mailing from the Results area. To get to the Results area from this screen simply click on the CHECK MAILING PROGRESS button shown above and the Mailing Results screen the screen below will be displayed. To view the Mailing Details screen for a specific mailing click on the name of the mailing in the Name column, shown below.

mailing results

The information on the Mailing Details screen is in real–time and shows, how many messages have been sent, bounced and read, just to mention a few. Also, if you have click–through tracking turned on, you will also be able to see how many people are taking action.

track the mailing results