Quickly Change a Group of Records in your Database

You can edit records one at a time using the little “e” to the left of each record when displaying a list of records in your Relevant Tools database. However, this can be a very slow way to update your database. To update multiple records in your database all at once you can use the MASS–EDIT LIST function.

To begin the process, click on DATABASES, at the top of the screen. Next, select the database that contains the group of records you would like to change in the Database Selection section and click on the SELECT DATABASE button. Finally, select the records you would like to update by preforming a search on your database to display a list of records to be changed. For information in preforming a database search, please see the tutorial titled Target your List with Advanced Database Search.

Alternatively, after you have selected the database in the Database Selection section you can click on the DISPLAY button, to display the records, and then, select the records using the check box on the left–hand side of each record, shown below. After you have selected the records click on the “Select Checked Records” button, at the bottom of the screen.

Select Checked Records

After the records have been selected, using one of the methods above, a list of records will be displayed on the screen containing only the records you selected. Confirm these are the records you would like to change and then click on “MASS–EDIT LIST”, shown below.

Selected List

Next, select the field(s) you would like to change from the pull down menu. The fields displayed in the pull down menu are fields in the database that was selected, in the Database Selection section, on the main Database screen, in the first step. Notice that you can select from 1 to 5 fields to update, as shown in the image below. After you have selected the field(s) click on the “Select Fields” button, shown below.

mass edit fields

Next, enter the updated information you would like all of the records you are currently editing to contain. The options⁄values for the field update depend on what type of field you are changing so, if you are changing a checkbox, radio button, or a pulldown menu field you might need to edit the field options⁄values before preforming the mass edit. For example, let's say the field you would like to update is a pulldown menu but the value you would like the field to contain is not in the current list of values for the field; so, in order to update the field with that value you will first have to update the list of values in the database for the field and then select the value from the list of values on this screen.

Finally, click on the “Edit Data” button at the bottom of the screen and your selected records will be updated all at once.

mass edit data

After the edit is complete your database will be redisplayed with the updated records.

mass edit data