Virtual Chess

Instructor: David
7 weeks
Our virtual chess class is where we will continue to foster patience, strategic planning and critical thinking skills. Our time will be spent on principles of the opening, tactical elements of the middle game, and basic endgame situations. Although we are unable to see the enthusiastic/smiling faces of our students live, the plus is that we have enhanced our teachings through visual aids (on the computer) that would not be available otherwise (live).
Our lessons are fun/interactive, include digital versions of our exclusive workbooks, free entry into our weekly online chess tournament, and cater to all levels. Underlying, we also convey the belief that are decisions result in consequences. We will also create a private club room (on free acct. is needed) where kids can practice throughout the week and challenge each other after the lesson.
1 - 5 grade
01/13/21 - 02/24/21 Wednesdays Winter21
3:00pm - 4:00pm
$ 125 REGISTER Virtual Chess

Online Scratch Coding Class

Instructor: Lucas Leonardo
7 weeks
Students will be using the online coding program Scratch to create various mini games. They will choose their scene, characters, and use this drag and drop coding language in various ways to complete the programming necessary to getting their game to function. When completed, students will still have access to the program and can add to their games and let family members test them out.
2 - 6 grade
01/14/21 - 02/25/21 Thursdays Winter21
3:30pm - 4:30pm
Google Meets Online
$ 210 NOT AVAILABLE Online Scratch Coding Class