Holly Hoppin Early Release - Science & Art (K-2nd)

Instructor: Holly Salamun
11 weeks
Science and art are often viewed as opposites. One seems to be driven by data while the other by expression and creation. But, in reality, they’re more alike than we think. They share a common thread through inquiry and questioning. At their core, artists and scientists are inventing, exploring, and discovering. Children’s brain synapses fire away as they experiment and create through art & science!!
Holly will pick your child up from class at 12pm for kinder and 12:15 for 1st/2nd. Please pack a lunch and water for your child.
This class will be held outdoors. We will only cancel due to weather or AQI over 150. We will do our best to provide make-up classes but can't guarantee them.
No Class Dates: 10/5 & 11/23
K - 2 grade
09/14/22 - 12/07/22 Wednesday Fall22
12:00 - 1:30
Bacich School
Bacich Garden
$ 400 FULL: Join Waitlist Holly Hoppin Early Release - Science & Art (K-2nd)