Science With Holly Zoom Class

Instructor: Holly Salamun
4 weeks
This 4-week science program is designed for young children as a way to stimulate an interest in science. They will learn a simplified version of the scientific method of: *What is a question *How can we find an answer *What do we think will happen * Test our guesses. They will also explore science skills: *Observing, Classifying, Sorting, Measuring, Using Numbers. We will be communicating what we learned with words, art, and games.
Supplies are included in price and will be able to pick up at Ross Recreation the weekend before the first session.
Kindergarten - 3rd grade
06/09/20 - 06/30/20 Tuesdays Summer20
10am - 11am
Virtual Programming on Zoom
$ 120 REGISTER Science With Holly Zoom Class