Marin Explorers Virtual Session 1: July 6-July 24

Instructor: Marty Ross and Staff
3 weeks
This year, Marin Explorers camp will be going Virtual! What? How do you explore virtually, you ask? Easy- it just takes a little imagination, some good books, a sense of curiosity, a little Zoom technology, some art materials, and a group of campers who love to learn new things! Ross Recreation will be offering 3 weeks of Virtual Marin Explorers. Camp will be on Zoom each day from 9-12, for incoming first through third graders.

Each week, we will focus on learning about/exploring a different theme. With the help of your child’s two teachers, we will have theme-related read alouds, children will practice their reading and writing skills, we will play some math games to keep up with their math facts, and we will do physical activities that involve indoor and outdoor movement! And, of course, it wouldn’t be camp without FUN Camp Songs! For our craft projects, teachers will make a packet of necessary art materials for you to pick up at Ross Recreation the week before your camp week. Themes:

Week 1 Pets- Explore what types of animals make good pets, what care is involved, Virtual Pet Show!

Week 2 Exploring Marin County- Learn about fun places to go in and around Marin County with your family

Week 3 Poetry- Reading and Writing Poems, Songs as Poetry

There are limited spaces available for this virtual camp. If you are not able to do all 3 weeks please let us know and we can prorate your camp price.
6 - 10 year olds
07/06/2020 - 07/24/2020 M-F Summer20
9am - 12pm
Virtual on Zoom
$ 900 REGISTER Marin Explorers Virtual Session 1: July 6-July 24