Yoga For Youth Camp (Kinder-4th grade)

Instructor: Chelsea Hill
1 weeks
Yoga is not just for folks with back issues and a way to get flexible or sweat the stress out! Yoga has ancient healing properties, and children have natural instincts and a sense of spirit and joy. This class will help young folks develop control over their bodies and their breath. Most little humans have ample flexibility, but control and coordination that balances this flexibility will help their posture, assist with strength in sports and nature activities, and simply promote a healthy body. Class will always incorporate an intention, a "peak" posture (a more advanced pose to work towards) and then all the steps to get there! There will be a radical yogi playlist of music to be inspired by and groove to as we move together. This class focuses on being equally an awesome Asana activity, while teaching some basics of meditation (such as breathwork and mantra) that will give them tools to self-soothe when anxious, scared, overwhelmed, or upset.
Yoga mat required
Please send your yogini with a water bottle and layers of clothing
Stretchy, breathable clothes encouraged
Sunscreen encouraged
A "drishti" of choice is required. A small, meaningful object placed at the top of their yoga mat as a point of focus, positivity, and place to channel their thoughts and prana.
K - 4 grade
07/18/22 - 07/22/22 M-F Summer22
10am - 1pm
Ross School
Ross Commons
$ 275 NOT AVAILABLE Yoga For Youth Camp (Kinder-4th grade)