Dance Remix Camp

Instructor: Chelsea Hill
1 weeks
Kinders have all the cool moves, and endless energy to groove morning, noon, and nighttime. With this special dance REMIX camp, students will sample a variety of dance styles - HipHop, Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Creative Movement and MORE. This pint-sized dance crew will learn how to find and move to the beat of the music, dance to varying tempos and rhythms, and shift the direction, speed, size, and level of their movements. By sampling a variety of "traditional" dance forms throughout the week, while being guided in time for creative expression, dance games, and movement developments, they will cultivate body control, creativity, and community! In this week-long camp, youth will learn lessons on the history of dance forms, presentation/production of dance, improvisational dance, and personal expression...all to foster each dancer's confidence and motivation for movement!
Sneakers required (but not always worn)! Please wear layers and comfortable athletic clothing.
Bring water, and a snack!
K - 3 grade
06/12/23 - 06/16/23 M-F Summer23
10am - 1pm
Ross School
Ross Common Outside
$ 275 REGISTER Dance Remix Camp (Kinder-3rd grade)