Hip Hop Dance Camp (Kinder-3rd grade)

Instructor: Chelsea Hill
1 weeks
This jam-packing jammin' HipHop Camp will be inclusive of HipHop Dance as an art form and a culture. HipHop is an ever-popular street dance that cultivates body control, creativity, and community! In this 1-week camp, youth will learn rhythm, choreography, precise footwork, upper body strength for breaking, and stage presence. The choreography learned this week will culminate in a "works-in-the-works" informal Dance Presentation for loved ones to join us and witness! This camp also incorporates lessons on the history of HipHop culture, the art of graffiti, self expression, community trust and encouragement, and a pinch of music theory! All movement lessons are structured from a lens of dance culture and developmental anatomy, and will include styles of house dance, locking, popping, and funk developed since the 1970’s. Both old-school and new HipHop music will be utilized, and a precise curriculum will be infused with freedom and personal expression, to foster the dancers' confidence.
Price includes materials necessary for Graffiti Workshop with a take-home personalized Graffiti T-shirt!
Week Concludes with a DANCE PERFORMANCE!
Sneakers required! Please wear layers and comfortable athletic clothing
Bring water, and a snack!
K - 3 grade
06/19/23 - 06/23/23 M-F Summer23
10am - 1pm
Ross School
Ross Commons Outdoors
$ 300 REGISTER Hip Hop Dance Camp (Kinder-3rd grade)