Holly's Hoppin' Camp

Instructor: Holly Salamun
1 weeks
The adventure is just beginning as your child takes a well deserved break from school. We'll explore, create, and have "tons of fun" while learning about healthy food, science, art and yoga. Holly will encourage them to grow as they learn more about: self expression, create art projects, work as scientists discovering and observing, team work, cooking (using fresh ingredients) and a love of yoga. Everyday your child will use his/her imagination and creativity. Please bring a healthy hearty lunch and pack a snack.
Drop-in is \$100 per day.
4.5 - 11 year olds
02/17/20 - 02/21/20 M-F Winter20
9:00 - 1:00
Ross School
Ross Recreation Classroom
$ 320 REGISTER Holly's Hoppin' February Winter Camp