Holly Hoppin Early Release - Science & Art (K-2nd)

Instructor: Holly Salamun
8 weeks
This science program is designed for children as a way to stimulate an interest in science. They will learn a simplified version of the scientific method of: *What is a question *How can we find an answer *What do we think will happen * Test our guesses. They will also explore science skills: *Observing, Classifying, Sorting, Measuring, Using Numbers. We will be communicating what we learned with words, art, and games.
8 weeks: Supplies are included in price $280

Our weeks in science will consist of:
Density Magic: Oil Water Glitter
Snow Dough
Arctic Animals/Blubber
Tricks with Air
Let is Snow/liquid/solid polymer Marshmallow Constellations
Science of Shadows-Ground Hogs Day
Sink or Float? Buoyancy
No Class Date: 2/23
K - 2 grade
01/12/22 - 03/09/22 Wednesday Winter22
12:00 - 1:30
Bacich School
$ 325 Holly Hoppin Early Release - Science & Art (K-2nd)