Writer's Circle!

Instructor: Chelsea Hill
8 weeks
Creative Writing for kids is a chance to further develop structure and form in writing, while exercising their imaginations and unique voices! We'll explore prompts such as, "where do ideas come from," "what words do I know to express how I feel," "what is poetry, fiction, monologues - what do these words mean on paper," "what does my inner voice sound like?!"
This class opens up already excited writers to more challenges, and helps struggling writers to navigate the mind, pen, and paper connection. We will also infuse illustrations and expression through cartoon/comic into their creative writing series!
Students will be provided with some materials such as colored pencils and rulers.
No Class: 2/23
6 - 9 year olds
01/12/22 - 03/09/22 Wednesday Winter22
4:00 - 4:45
Ross School
Ross Common Outdoor
$ 250 Writer's Circle!