Send Email Messages with Attachments

It's easy to use Relevant Tools to send email messages with attachments. To begin this process, click on MESSAGES, at the top of the screen. The Create a Message screen, the screen shown below, will be displayed. On this screen, click on the "Email–in" submenu option, at the top of the screen.

create message using the email in method

After clicking on the Email–in submenu option the Email-in Message Installation instructions screen, shown below, will be displayed. Clicking on the "simple guidelines" link will display the Emailing in a Message – Simple Guidelines web page. Please see this web page for some insightful tips how to create and install an email message using this method.

create message using the email in instructions

Now, using your email application compose your email message in the usual manner and email the completed message to Relevant Tools. Recognize that while composing your message you can format the message as you normally would and attach a SMALL file, as part of your message. Once the message is composed it should be sent to the email address specified in the Emailing in a Message – Simple Guidelines web page mentioned above; this email address will vary depending on the location of your account. However, the subject must be the userid you use to log into your Relevant Tools account followed by a colon followed by the actual subject of the message, shown below.

You will receive an email response from Relevant Tools letting you know your message has been installed and is ready for you to edit and⁄or send. By the way, the name of the message that is installed, in the Messages area, in Relevant Tools, is the text you entered in the subject excluding the userid portion; so, in our example the message name is Relevant Tools Overview.

After receiving the response from Relevant Tools that your message has been installed you can login to your Relevant Tools account, click on the MESSAGES button, at the top of the screen, and select the message using the Edit an Existing Message pulldown menu to edit the message. Often you will want to change the from email address so that instead of coming from your personal email address the message will come from your company email address, as shown below.

You are now ready to send the message out in a mailing to your database or use it as an auto responder email message that people receive when they complete a web form. For information on how to send a mailing or setting up an auto responder, please see either the tutorial on How to Send your Newsletter with Relevant Tools Email Campaign Management or Send a Series of Emails with Scheduled Auto Responders, respectively.

There is one warning concerning attachments – they shouldn’t be too large. Nobody likes to receive huge attachments that take a long time to download. When you email in a message, Relevant Tools will check the size of your message with the attachment, and if it’s too large you will not be allowed to send it. If you run into this situation ask us about file upload and then you can upload the file and include a link to that file instead of sending it as an attachment.