Understanding Email Mailing Results

You can immediately see the results of your mailing after you have sent it using the Relevant Tools Email Campaign Management services. In your Relevant Tools account simply click on "RESULTS", at the top of the screen, to display the Mailing Summary screen, shown below.

email campaign mailing results

Next, click on the "MAILING RESULTS" button to display the Mailing Results screen, shown below, to view a list of mailings that you have previously sent or are in the process of sending.

email campaign mailing results

On the Mailings Results screen you can check the status of the your mailings. The status column shows "Sent" for mailing that have already gone out. Other status flags are "Pending" and "Sending". As you refresh this screen, you will see the updated information regarding the mailing; the updated information will include, among other things, the updated status and count for the number of emails that have been sent.

When you submit your mailing to be sent, Relevant Tools automatically eliminates any records that don't have an email address or that have an invalid, improperly formed, email address. Additionally, your address list is automatically updated; so, if there are duplicate email addresses, in the list, each email address will only receive one email message. Finally, anyone who has previously unsubscribed from a mailing will be automatically eliminated from the mailing.

The Total Sent column shows how many emails were actually sent. The Bounce column shows the number of messages that were undeliverable for any reason. The number of email messages that bounced will grow for a short period of time after your mailing has been sent as the reports are processed from the receiving mail servers.

To see more detail for a specific mailing, click on the mailing name in the Name column, shown above, and the Mailing Detail screen, shown below, will be displayed.

email campaign mailing summary

On the screen you can get a list of the bad email addresses or the email addresses that have bounced and if you sent an HTML message, you can also see who opened your email. Additionally, you can a list of the email addresses that the message was sent to along with a list of email addresses that actually read the message. Finally, if you enabled click through tracking you can see who clicked on any of the links in your message.

Let us know if you have any questions about your mailing results.