Unsubscribe Handling for your Email Subscribers

Keep your email subscribers happy by offering an automatic unsubscribe option for those who no longer want to receive your email. With Relevant Tools, an unsubscribe link, shown below, is automatically included in the footer of every email that is sent out; so, the message recipient can unsubscribe with a single click. The record still exists your database just in case you need other information about the contact; however, Relevant Tools will automatically bypass all the unsubscribed email addresses when you send a mailing.

automatic unsubscribe link

In the image above, the word “remove” is the unsubscribe link; however, this text can be customized, if you so desire. Once the user clicks on the unsubscribe link their email address is immediately placed on the unsubscribe or do-not-send list, in your Relevant Tools account. If you have specified a custom unsubscribe confirmation page, in the member information section, of your Relevant Tools account then, that page will be displayed, as the example shows below.

unsubscribe confirmation page

This process works well for anyone who wants to be unsubscribed from your mailing list directly from an email message. However, sometimes people want to unsubscribe from your website. This can be accomplished using Relevant Tools to generate the unsubscribe code and then placing the generated code into your web page. To locate the unsubscribe code, in Relevant Tools, click on "FORMS", at the top of the screen, to display the Forms Create New Form⁄Edit and Existing form screen, shown below.

unsubscribe form screen

Next, click on the "Unsubscribe Form" menu option in the submenu, at the top of the screen, shown above. The screen below will be displayed showing you the unsubscribe code to place in your web page. Just copy the form code from this page and paste the code into your web page.

unsubscribe form code

When the unsubscribe form code is installed into a web page, at your web site, you offer your readers another option to remove themselves from your mailing list if they longer want to receive your email messages.

unsubscribe from

Keeping your readers happy, especially when they no longer want to receive your email messages, is vital to maintaining a well performing mailing list.